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Optimization may be the key to a successful website from the modern perspective of website design. In this era, a thriving mobile industry exists due to the high demand of increasingly advanced mobile phones. Statistics exhibit the impact mobile searches have on the daily life of an average human. Studies reveal that 90% of Americans own mobile phones and 60% of internet access is through mobile sources. This means that in order to fulfill the needs of clients, businesses must develop websites optimized for mobile features. Responsive design has emerged as a chief factor in SEO due to this very reason.


Popularity of mobile searches

Research shows that around 34% of smart phone owners prefer to use them for online searches. You have to think about what the users will see when they view your website and make it more accessible to them through searches.


Efficient link building

If you do not have a responsive design, you have to create links for two separate versions i.e., the mobile and desktop ones. These are essential for your websites to appear at the right ranking and frequency in internet searchers. Without link building you will not be able to reach your target audience effectively.


Saving SEO resources

This is probably the most basic advantage of responsive design because it helps you make a better investment that will pay off well. On the other hand, optimization is necessary but will require double the resources if your business website has more than one version.


Resolving the issue of identical content

Not only are two websites more costly to maintain, there is also the issue of identical content. As you cannot employ similar content on both your mobile and desktop website versions, you will have to come up with brand new content. Alternatively, responsive design completely eliminates the risk of identical content.


Cuts down on loading time

Responsive design has a special perk due to its distinctive URL system. The access is direct and does not have to be obtained in a roundabout way. This means that your page will take significantly less time to load if you have a responsive design. Keeping in mind that users often quit if a page takes longer than two or three seconds to load, this can have a major impact on your conversion rates.


Consistently good UX on every device

Not only are people becoming gradually more dependent on their mobile devices for internet browsing, they expect websites to work equally well on all their devices. This is imperative for gaining ground over competitors and keeping your clients happy. Responsive design gives you this power.


Competing with mobile version websites

Some types of businesses find it more convenient to build only mobile versions according to their target audience. This means that they possess monopoly over mobile searches and offer stiff competition. Instead of launching a mobile website, you could opt for responsive design as a fitting means to fight back.


Reduction in bounce rates

A major reason behind low rankings is not that the content presented is not valuable or irrelevant rather it is the poor translation of a website on a mobile device. This causes serious problems with visibility, usability and navigation. As a result, users tend to leave disappointed and search engines deem the website content inadequate or irrelevant to that particular search. Responsive designs lays out websites beautifully on mobile devices so users remain satisfied.


Responsive design has Google’s stamp of approval

Google is considered the foremost authority on all things dealing with search engine optimization. Therefore, any trend that Google believes to be good for optimization instantly spreads like wildfire. In addition to its various benefits, responsive design helps Google searches so it is encouraged.


It is no surprise that responsive design has carved a niche for itself in web design and development with its multifaceted role related to SEO. It is a wise choice but it is important to check if it is the best choice for your website before moving forward.







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