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Manager Digital Analytics in Pakistan

Manager Digital Analytics in Pakistan

General Purpose:

As an eCommerce Manager, Digital Analytics for your business is responsible for delivering cutting-edge analytics services to your business’ stakeholders, enabling them to make fact-based decisions. Based on multiple data sources, our team of digital analysts manage the generation of insights that help you as a business owner and every stakeholder understand consumer behaviour and related business performance to ultimately help drive sales. In collaboration with your relevant department or by your’s input only we will inform you the digital market strategy for your business and provide the factual basis for future consumer experiences and related demand and site development.


We Undertake Key Responsibilities:

Scope of Analytics Services: Accountable for your business/products/services digital analytics practice



  • Contribute to the continuous development of the analytics practice in scope, including service portfolio evolution and aligned to global frameworks for focus areas under the project scope. Potential focus areas are:
    • Digital Business Performance analytics
    • Digital Operational Analytics (Forecasting, SLAs, Returns, Trading & Data Governance)
    • Digital Experience Analytics
    • Digital Analytics Projects
  • Manage demand for insights and analytics. Conduct collection, tracking, mining and analysis of data and the generation of fact-based insights using multiple data sources.
  • Provide analytics services to stakeholders within the eCommerce market.
  • Ensure analytics results drive consumer experience and business impact and help achieve market sales plans.
  • Execute assigned projects in areas such as analytics implementation, database integration, tag management, qualitative data, etc.



  • Aware stakeholders in our area of responsibility in the use of digital analytics to define goals, select appropriate KPIs, monitor performance and derive trends and opportunities.
  • Keep providing stakeholders with actionable recommendations and calls for action based on our gathered insights. Translate gathered insights into engaging, actionable and easy to digest insights presentations.
  • Maintain a strong stakeholder network with high level of trust that facilitates action-ability of insights.
  • Implement and use data driven decision processes, in line with a fact-based decision culture.



  • Co-initiate and help implement new reporting structures or refine existing structures within your area of responsibility in alignment with Global Digital Analytics Frameworks and Data Governance.
  • Help distill best practice guidance to other markets and other stakeholders of your business to maximize the use of analytics capabilities.



  • Build a strong internal and external network, informing your business’ Digital Analytics community on the latest trends and technological advances.
  • direction and targets that are aligned with business needs and market objectives




Education & Professional Experience of our Digital Analysts from Pakistan

  • We have a team of University degree holders in the field of Business and data science.
  • 10+ years of experience in Digital Analytics
  • Advanced experience of digital marketing in a brand environment
  • Experience in the eCommerce environment
  • Experienced leaders


Data Analytics Specialist’s Soft-Skills: 

We have a team of digital data analysts and reporters having amazing soft skills. These skills help us to stand out of the crowd and deliver out of the box and desired work to our clients.

  • Every data analyst in of data analytics department is really passionate in relevant delivering data-based recommendations for quantifiable improvements in business results and consumer satisfaction.
  • Strong communication skills, comfortable presenting complex topics to stakeholders at various organizational levels both in person and remotely
  • Strong skills and story-telling
  • People management skills are a plus


Team’s Potential-Skills

  • Our team of Digital Analysts is expert with advanced experience of BI, Financial, Merchandising processes, tools and KPIs
  • We have advanced experience with various analytics tools and disciplines (web, eCom, social, mobile, sentiment, paid media, SEO, SEM, CRM, SQL etc.).
  • As advanced experience with visualization techniques is really required, we have a strong ability to present visuals through advanced analytics tools.
  • Proven project management skills, including the ability to lead projects or work on several projects simultaneously
  • Our team is very proficient in MS Office, Alteryx and MSS, as many clients look for the experts in these tools.
  • Fluency in English both verbally and written is the key to communicate issues and reports within the team and to the clients as well. That’s we have team members with best communication skills.

Digital Data Analytics/Reporting and Presentation Tools:

Here is the list of Data Analytics Tools:

  1. Tableau
  2. Power BI

Here is a detail about the Power BI Tool:

The Power BI canvas (the area in the centre of the Power BI service) consists of:

Here are the available sources of data in the Power BI service:

With common data sources:

Microsoft Excel files
Power BI
Microsoft Azure data

These above-mentioned sources have the ability to connect easily to a whole assortment of software services (also known as SaaS – Software As A Service providers or cloud services):
Google Analytics
and more.

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