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Rich people choose five best assets for investment and cash flow

List of top 5 assets, start buying one by one:

  1. Real estate
  2. Stocks
  3. Bonds
  4. Notes
  5. Intellectual property

Real estate buying as asset:

There are 2 modes of buy real estate as as steen

1- buy by paying lump sump amount

2- buy on installments monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly


Stocks could be good investing and assets development opportunity. Although it requires analysis of market trends. Decide for investing in stocks those have high chances of increment.

Bonds (prize bonds):

This is very easy and risk free investment and asset creation opportunity. Individuals just have to decide the worth of theĀ  prize bond and they should buy after that.

These money saving scheme is very good, mostly this is introduced by governments.

How prize bonds are considered as risk free scheme:

Buying prize bond and waiting for draw period is really amazing process. It’s risk free because there are no chances of prize bonds’ value decreasing.

You can return them during a specific time period as well as get you can receive same amount of money what you invested in the punchase of prize bonds.

If you win a prize, it’s your good luck. Go and receive your cash prize.

Further you can keep that bond for 4 more draws.

Notes (foreign and local currency):

Buying foreign currency could be a good investment saving scheme but it requires market know how, up and down trends of foreign currency.

Saving local currency notes in banks or in any saving scheme, but in case of necessary you are able to get return all of your money without any loss or fee, all these are best moreover valuable investment routes.

Intellectual property:

Developing assets in form of buying intellectual property is a superb money saving and asset building methods.

You need to have ability of marketing this asset. That if you want to sell them you should have easy ways of selling.

Further if you are developing websites then that is also a profitable function where you need to be active and sharp.

You need to choose industries for blogging

You can develop shopping portals to sell products.

You can develop shopping carts and then sell complete package.

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